Surgi-Stretcher Series

Mobile surgical platform for EYE/ENT and plastic surgery procedures. Pre-induction, transport, treatment, and recovery all on one unit. Infinite adjustability of the articulating headpiece assures proper positioning; low-profile headpiece design offers unparalleled site access for the surgeon. Available as motorized, hydraulic and hybrid.

Hydraulic and battery powered models for ophthalmic and other procedures.

  • The powered unit provides patient independence through a hand controlled pendant and caregiver lockout control module.
  • Low profile head piece design offers excellent site access for both superior and lateral procedures.
  • Easy to use powered controls are available for height adjustment, backrest, leg section, and Trendelenburg/ reverse Trendelenburg.
  • Emergency backrest release lever is located conveniently on both sides of unit which will allow for quick positioning.

5E8 Series Powered Articulating Head Mobile Surgical Stretcher

Surgi-Stretcher 5E8 Powered


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578 Series Hydraulic Height Adjustment Articulating Head Mobile Surgical Stretcher

Surgi - Stretcher 578

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