C570 / C571



Characterized by state of the art electronics, a computer designed polygon reflector, and cardanic suspension of the light head.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Freedom from shadows in the operating field.
  • High luminous power which generates the brilliance and high color temperature simulating noontime brightness on a cloudless day.
  • Easier hygiene due to smooth styling of the light body – the absence of control knobs on the outer surface, the use of metal and safety glass, and the sealed light head.
  • Larger range of height adjustment; greater mobility of the light.
  • Easy replacement of halogen or Xenophot bulbs by OR staff.
  • Cool, single bulb technology, with automatic, instant-on back-up bulb.


Light Head Size


Intensity / light head @ 1m

120,000 Lux

@ 3600° K color temp (11,148 ft candles)

100,000 Lux

@ 4500° K color temp

(9,290 ft candles)

Field Diameter Range

7.1″ -11 “

Continuously adjustable

Maximum Working Range

27.6” to 78.7”

Unchanging light field diameter without refocusing

Up to 20” height difference

Brightness Adjustment

50% – 100%


CRI (Color Rendering Index)

90 – 94

Bulb Life

Approx 1,000 hrs


100/120/130V AC