Leg Positioning Systems





Leg Positioning System
• Solid stainless steel adjustable extension bar provides ultimate positioning possibilities
• Boot clamps designed for full range adjusting and multi-positioning requirements
• Replacement pads & straps available; Gel boot pads available
System Includes:
– 1 pair of Legholders
– 1 set of Restraint straps
– 1 set of Pressure Mgmt pads

LegPositioningSystemLiftAssistLift Assist
Leg Positioning System
• Pneumatic lift assist
• 120° degree rotation
• Handle controlled abduction and adduction
• Mimics natural hip motion
• Twist handle to position leg
• 500 lbs. weight capacity
• Gel boot pads available
System Includes:
– Pneumatic lift assist leg holders
– Pressure management boot pads
– Set of siderail clamps