Siderail Clamps


Stainless Steel “Clark Socket” SiderailClamp-SSClarkSTaM2160

• Accepts round posts up to 11/16″ diameter.

• Made with long lasting #304 stainless steel.

• Compatible with all American-made O.R. tables.

• Attaches at rail ends or notches.



Side Rail Clamp – Stainless Steel


• Long lasting stainless steel construction.

• Accepts standard flat bar accessories that measure 1″ x 1/4″.

• Attaches at rail ends or notches.


Universal Rail Clamp – AluminumSiderailClamp-Aluminum


• Accepts round and flat posts.

• Spring loaded; attaches anywhere along rail.

• Locks securely with ergonomic handle.

• Works in the vertical or horizontal position


Super Clamp Multi-PositionerSiderailClamp-Super 


• Solid stainless steel construction

• Effortlessly secures most all accessories to siderail of any North American surgical table

• Both round bars up to 3/4” Dia. as well as straight bars up to 1/4” x 1”